Monday, December 12, 2011

Joy to the WORLD!

Well, I have some awesome news- LACEY IS GOING TO AFRICA!!! Over the last two weeks Lacey has raised well above the targeted goal to get to Africa! I'm so proud of her! Now, I just need to get back in the swing of things and finish raising mine lol I have zero worries about reaching the goal. :)

(I just paused to eat my very first gluten free cupcake- it was AWESOME lol)

Now, where was I...
Oh yes, Africa...

There are no words that can describe how ready my heart is for Africa. I've done some soul searching and I've decided that as soon as the Battle for a Cure Foundation is underway and funding enough clinical trials to actually have hopes of finding a cure; I will start to plan to build an orphanage in Africa. I feel like a large piece of my heart has always belonged there; I feel like I will not be complete until I have actually made a difference in the children there. I know that a dream like this is BIG and that it will not come true without a lot of hard work. However, I also know that the God I serve is a BIG God and He has BIG plans for me. I don't want to count this life as my own...unless I've given all of my heart before my life is over, I have not done my job. I want to get to Heaven completely used up and exhausted because I used EVERYTHING that He gave me to further His cause. An orphanage seems like the next step. Battle for a Cure is cruising right along; I am learning SO much! This year we will start fundraising for our CURE Account- to fund promising clinical trials in hopes of saving these kids' lives. God is moving right along here. I find it hard to put a time stamp on my will all happen in His time. I am so excited and in love with life!

I'm excited to share this experience with Lacey...and to come back and share it with YOU! I'm looking forward to almost 2 weeks without my iPhone; it's always attached at my fingers and I'm excited at the thought of being completely lost in Love, Prayer and Africa! :D

Until next time,

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