Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Christmas Give the Gift of LIFE!

This Christmas you can literally give the
gift of LIFE to a child in Africa!

If you:
**Donate $25 to purchase life saving medicine for an ill child in Africa 
**Donate $21 to feed a child for one week

I will give you a Mission:Love Africa Shirt! Of course, this offer is only extended while supplies last and available sizes may vary.

This offer is valid until 01/01/2012. Donations sent to Live in Love Ministries are tax deductible. Please see the Donation tab for more details on donating.

Please contact me at for full details!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Refocusing My Efforts- SAVE THE CHILDREN

Where to start....

The Yard Sale was a HUGE success! Lacey and I made $715! Thank you to all who donated items and stopped by!

Flip Flops: I am no longer accepting flip flops (unless I've already talked to you, in which case, I'm already counting yours). I have about 300 pairs and I feel like God is telling me to refocus my efforts. I will still need help with the baggage fees, so if you feel led to help me with that I would appreciate it very much.

Save a Dying Child:  I am refocusing my efforts. I have talked to Ben and he told me that just $3 will provide a meal to a starving child. JUST $3!! That's pocket change.
He also told me that medication to save children from various sicknesses, including malaria (a child dies every 45 seconds in Africa from malaria) is only $25! ONLY $25 to actually SAVE A LIFE!

I was telling mom, if this were happening in the US and we could line up each dying child, there would be people scrambling to get to them with their 3 $1 bills and their $20 bills! These kids are alive, they are breathing, they are praying, they love, they play, they rejoice, they hope, they BELIEVE...they are CHILDREN....and they are dying. How in the world can I not do everything I can to save as many as I can?

I will be setting up a lot of fundraisers starting in January 2012 to raise money for food and medicine for these children. Please join my efforts! Through my journey you will personally see the lives you save and the children you help! You're not giving your money to a random nonprofit that will divide it and put it where they'll be giving it to ME to use to save children.

PLEASE consider partnering with me on this ministry! I know with all of my heart that God is going to bless it and bless this trip! I NEED YOUR HELP!
Visit the Donate Food & Medicine tab for details!

Friday, October 14, 2011

235 Days to Go!

Hello friends!

I haven't sold any shirts or raised any money since my last post so that stays the same. Only 235 Days to go! I'm so excited!

If you live in the Austin area mine and Lacey's Yard Sale for Africa is tomorrow in Round Rock from 8am to 1pm! We are pricing everything super CHEAP for quick sale! We have a lot of really great stuff!! Come on out if you can!

Me and Lacey are also going to be in charge of the crafts that we will be doing with the kids in Africa. I'm really excited about it! I've been looking up Vacation Bible School crafts and I've come up with a few things that we might be able to do. If you have any ideas please let me know! We are going to do friendship bracelets with yarn and cheap beads. If you have any beads or yarn that you'd like to donate please let me know!

Flip guys have really blessed that mission! I have over 250 pairs! John Gavin contacted the Tiddies Sandles company and they donated some of their sandles! There was a little setback with their logo, but Tiffany and I got creative and fixed it, now they are good to go! I can't wait to see the smiles on their little faces!

That's about it for today! Please continue to pray over our team and our trip!

I'll leave you with this, my realization lately: If you're so afraid of everything that you're not doing anything, you're not really living. You can't be afraid to live your life, to go where God has called you, to take risks, to love people, to let your hair down, to have fun...don't be afraid to LIVE or you're not living at all.

Stay Blessed!