Monday, March 5, 2012

90 Days to Go! HOLY FLIP FLOP!!


WOW! This is a picture of the flip flops that have been donated to the trip! There are over 300 pairs!! It took me about an hour to stage them all like this, then it took me about 2 hours to try to force them into suitcases!

I do have some good and bad news: bad- they don't all fit, I have about 50 that won't go in. I packed 2 suitcases to the bursting point and I still need a suitcase for clothes, beads, string, stars, snacks, etc. The good news- I can have another fundraiser for baggage fees.

It's looking like each extra bag (the first 2 are free- we are going to need 4) is going to cost $200 to get it from NY to Nairobi (so that's $400). The problem is getting it from Austin to NY, domestic flights are extremely pricey when it comes to extra bags. If we fly AA it will cost $360 for extra bags. If we can fly Southwest (it would be a MASSIVE blessing lol) it would cost $100. United would be $260. So if we have to fly AA the total amount of extra baggage will be around $760 and so on. We also have to consider that the price will increase if any of the bags are considered over weight or over height.

I'm open to fundraiser suggestions! I have $300 for extra baggage at this time- so a fundraiser is definitely going to have to happen.

PLEASE PRAY!! God has shown His favor on this trip and I KNOW that He will get the items to Africa! Please keep praying that everything will go smoothly!

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